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Denne side er desværre ikke særlig aktuel mere,
da alt sat TV er gået over til digital sending.

Der er stadig en del link der virker

Alle link er kontrolleret 28-10-2008 

Til SAT-siden  

Alt om TV   
J-Track Satellite Tracking quickly and easily keep track of your favorite orbiting objects.

PC for alla  Svensk   
BETTER Satellite  Engelsk
CABLE & Satellite Int. Engelsk
CABLE & Satellite Europe Engelsk
CAHNERS Int. TV Group Engelsk

CSCI Magazine Engelsk
EUROMEDIA-KAGAN World Media Ltd Engelsk
EUROSAT    Italiensk
Media i Marketing  Polsk
TELE-SATELLITE INT.   Tysk / Engelsk
FSW-Free Satellite Watcher
Arnold Electronics
DiSEqC Tysk

DVB2000 is an operating-system for Nokia-Satellite-Receivers 9500and 9600  
Satlogo The world's radio& television channel logotypes and logotypes of satellite related entities.
SAT Nerds

Footprints( tells you what dishsize you need all over europe)   Download:  SMW Link it does all the necessary calculations for you about how to align your dish and what picture quality you can expect.
Decoder Compability List  Which type of PIC card should I use on my decoder?
Information about Piratecards 
Videocrypt Software
Cryptograpy FAQ Index
PIC Links Free flash PIC programming software for Windows and DOS
Cryptography Research
Self-Study Course in Block Cipher Cryptanalysis
TELE Satellite  
Bradley Wood Welcome to theU.K. website of The Satellite Co
Pirate Card HELP page (Svensk)
Sky Overseas  So you want to watch UK television but you live outside the UK?
Hack Watch News not QUITE NEW
Beginners guide to making TV Pirate Cards  
TV-Pirate Cards Encyclopaedia 

Markus Kuhn - many relevant articles  Cryptology, Steganography, Intellectual Property Protection Technology
Phelix D2Mac(Svensk)    
Big Dish Select your Newsgroup
JetCat  Natomto webu nenajdete žádné klíče ani software
TwinPics The sources of Gemini 2.04 & 2.05 are released !
Maverick for electronics enthusiasts who are also interested in card access systems
Geronimos Eurocrypt  
The Swiss Satsite  the latest information on what's going on in the European satellite scene,latest files, FAQ's and more. SITE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR MEMBERS

Div. sider relaterede til smartcard 
Industriellastyrsystem. Smartcardbaserade.
Smartcardbaserade Linux-system!
Nøglekort- Guldkort/ Funcard



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